It’s Been A Struggle Trying To Create New Habits

Habits are really what determine the direction of our lives. Habits like drug addictions or food addictions can create a non fulfilling lifestyle while habits such as fitness and healthier eating can create an ideal lifestyle.

While I would like to believe that one lifestyle is preferred over the other that’s not always the case. It’s simply the perception.

Writing On A Regular Basis.

I’ve always been the person who enjoyed writing. I started writing fanfictions at 12 and even tried my hand at writing aristocratic stories sooner than that. I always believed myself to not be exceptionally well at writing. Even after I proofread, I’ll come back and say “who wrote that?” Because of how amazing it sounds. As of recently I started back writing. I use to write in a journal and that really helped me to sort out my thoughts and I found myself less focused on the past or thoughts that were just taking up too much of my attention.

Even blogging, now as I’m writing this I realize I couldn’t give up blogging. It was because I really enjoyed writing. Most of my writing was fantasy and I never completed a story, so I’m hoping that writing more nonfictionous would help me with writing fiction.

Getting up and Staying Up

I take my sister to work early in the morning. I have to get up and get dress. I don’t bother about making my bed even though I should. Sometimes I’ll come home and lay down but by that time I’m already awake. I get heavily distracted at times with my phone and won’t do things that I actually would like to do.

Phone Usage Is Extreme

I have a laptop, desktop and tablet. The number one item that I always go for is my phone. I think it starts from me wanting to check my text messages to see if anyone has texted me. I’ve been trying to break myself from this habit. Just now I decided to silence and remove all notifications from my device to help with that. If I can’t see it. Then I won’t be tempted. Even with my text messages. If it’s important the person can call me.

Spending Less And Investing More

If this isn’t the number one thing to learn in my 20s then I don’t know what is. The importance of investing now. It doesn’t matter if it’s time or money. The best way to obviously get financially free is to allow for my money to work for me. Since I don’t have a family or any kind of commitment at this point. I really don’t have an excuse to not be learning skills that could potentially create the idea future. Right now just writing this is an investment with my time. Something that I enjoy doing when I have something to write about.

Creating a Hair Regimen That Works For Me

My hair is extremely dry and if I was to catergorize it I have type 4 hair. So in terms afro hair that doesn’t not hold onto moisture quite well. I’ve struggled with an effective hair regimen for years. Its not the problem of hair products not working. Its the problem of me constantly switching between products instead of using one up at a time. But I think I’ve finally discovered a regimen that I’m going to give a go at and see how well it works.

Spending More Time Learning Instead of In Idle Behavior

I cannot begin to express the importance of constantly learning. I do want to go back to school one day when I know I’ll be able to afford it. As of right now that’s not possible. So while I’m waiting for that opportunity, I would like to keep learning and teaching myself. If I can figure out what I enjoy doing on the side then I’m looking forward to being able to direct myself in the direction that is best suited for me.

Reading Regularly

I recently discovered that I get tension headaches from reading too long. Which I think is also caused by eye strain. But I never stop reading. I’ve noticed that through observation I’m able to analyze situations and text better. I’ve been able to get my point across to people much clearer and the communication is 10x better due to reading regularly.

My mental focus has increased and I’m able to handle difficult situations better. I enjoy books written way before I was born. Books by author’s like Brian Tracy and Napoleon Hill. They have really helped me to adapt better to situations.

That’s it for my new upcoming habits. What are some new habits that you’ve started to implement or plan on implementing as the new year comes around?


Coily Hair Product Review: Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Line

Yesterday, because there was such a deal at walgreens on the Shea Moisture Line and I’ve been looking for something new I decided to go ahead and purchase most of the products of this line.

Items I purchased:

Shea Moisture Retention Shampoo

Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner

Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Hair Mask

With the colder months coming around, my hair is having a difficult time retaining moisture. But my hair has been this way for quite awhile. Because of the “moisture retention ” labeled on the shampoo I decided to purchase this line in hopes of regaining my hair back to what it use to be.

My hair texture is a kinky coily with a mix of curls. The hair closest to my temples tend to be drier at all times. While the rest of my hair seems to do well with any products that I use.

Since April I’ve been washing my hair frequently to help strengthen and smooth out the strands for better product application. Also I was curious to know the results of this taboo behavior. If you are unfamiliar it’s uncommon for those with kinky curly hair to wash their hair everyday. But with winter now approaching I would like to wash less and just moisturize daily.

First Impressions. Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo.

Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo on bathroom countertop.

To start off this review will be the shampoo. Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo.

This shampoo along with the rest of the products in the line is meant for dry, damaged and transitioning hair. For those of you who are unaware transitioning is the process of growing out a relaxer to the natural texture.

Feels Like A Clarifying Shampoo

When I first started using this shampoo I noticed that the consistency was somewhat runny. If I had to compare it to the Garnier Shampoo I was using before I would say that it had a thinner consistency. Personally that didn’t bother me but I just took a note of the texture. As far as a lather, it lathers quite well. I really did like the feeling of how it felt on my hair as I was lathering it through. This is why I would say this is more of clarifying shampoo to me because of how clean it gets my hair. Mind you the cleaner the hair the better for the products to cling to it later on.

Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner

Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner on granite style bathroom counter.

Following the shampoo of course I had to use the conditioner. The conditioner actually comes with a pump.

First impression they could make the nozzle slightly bigger.

But I do know that you actually don’t need much to penetrate the hair. We just like to over do it sometimes. The more the merrier, am I right? My hair is still in the TWA phase of life so for me I only need about 7 pumps. (Maybe like two, but I wanted to know make sure I covered enough.)

For the consistency, thick like a heavy lotion. Personal preference, I don’t really like thick conditioners. But it’s no biggie. The directions on the bottle said to leave it on for 3 minutes. Which I did. (I wash my hair quite frequently, so I make sure to condition regularly and I don’t really bother exceeding the time.) The conditioner act like a primer on my hair. What I mean is it helps to smooth down my hair strand and minimize my frizz. But I’ve learned not wash it out with cold water but luke warm water helps. Which I’ve noticed helps the products cling better to my hair.

I have noticed that if I use cold water to rinse the conditioner out, it feels as though all of the conditioner is being washed off. So I turned the water to lukewarm and could tell that some of the conditioner was still on my hair.

My hair takes products based on water temperature. I guess it’s due to the cuticles of the hair and how they seal. So I always wash my hair with warm water and then after deep conditioning take it down a tad to a cooler temperature.

Shea Butter Raw Deep Treatment Mask.

Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque on bathroom counter top.

I apply this mask on generously on my hair and leave on for 5 minutes. (That’s my “guess-a-ment”.) I apply a mask every time I wash my hair. I make sure to apply on my end generously along with the sides that I mentioned before that tend to be the driest. It makes my hair so soft and I can tell the strands are much more stronger.

Side Note: I deep conditioner my hair every time I get in the shower to help with added hydration. One main cause of my excessive breakage I’ve learned is that its caused down by products weighing down my hair. So to help minimize product build up and hydration, I deep conditioner daily. My hair takes nicely to this method versus just applying a bunch of products outside of washing my hair.


I actually enjoy this line. I was able to get about $10 off at Walgreens because they had a Shea Moisture coupon. Because my sister had drier hair and doesn’t like to take care of it. I’m going to use this on her hair to help with the dryness and breakage.

If you’ve used it. What are your thoughts on this line?

Personal Thoughts and Opinions When It Comes To Blogging and Blogging Advice

3 years is the lucky number for bloggers

Reading plenty of blogging reports, pinterest pins and even google has revealed that the lucky number is 3. The amount of time that it predicatively takes a writer to create and monetize a blog is about 3 years. This is from my own personal observation.

During those 3 years of blogging is where most bloggers peak with their learning lessons and temporary defeats when it comes to monetizing a blog.

Hardwork and Dedication is a Sweet Serenade But A Potential Liar

Experience isn’t a necessity to start a blog but leveraging the weakest skills that a blogger may have is start. Writing on a consistent basis will help to mold and adapt writers to writing. Most blogs that advertise how to write a successful blog have preach that a person does not need to be good at writing. But I was never convinced that it was truly the best way to approach blogging, because the style of which a writer writes matters in order to captivate the audience.

Another proactive task that I found could assist with writing a blog is reading regularly. Most blogger will take to other blogs and write low-level reviews. Believe it or not but even as the reader, it’s also imperative to leave valuable feedback on blogs. Instead of just trying to index in Google by allowing me information to exists on someone else’s page.

The Importance of Managing Time

Allocating time to be efficient can be a burden. But I’ve learned that it’s one that holds true. I’ve always been a person of spontaneuos actions who did not like having to “set aside time” to complete something as simple as writing. It’s like that saying of ‘ people put aside time for the things that matter to them’. Writing is the action and what happens with those words is the result. Keeping myself intertwined and interested is what matters first before the readers. As long as I know what I’m talking about and trust that the information that I have provided is true then it will eventually pay off by creating a trusting relationship with my audience. If there is a lack of reward its because there’s a lack of action.

Proofreading. Reading blogs where it’s obvious that the writer did not take out the time to proofread and edit can actually ruin a blog credibility. If the content creator could not take out the time to proofread then why should the reader believe that it’s plausible information. I will admit that I struggle with proofreading because I can over do it. Sometimes I get insecure about my writing.

It’s always been suggested that it’s best to set aside a schedule time slot in the day. In my rebellious phase I would’ve found this to be untrue but now it’s actually much easier to write when there’s a time limit.

In that time, I do as much work needed. It does not have to be anything of value. But once that timer goes off. Hands off. It’s not necessary to know the rhythm of how effective it is. But I just witness how much is done in the amount of time that was set. Where my attention was mostly focused.

Formulating Your Own Opinion

Allowing room for readers to express their opinion when it comes to your content. A majority of bloggers on pinterest have taken up the same format of writing when it comes to explaining to newbies or regular bloggers on how they should blog. It’s become a repetitive behavior among others bloggers to do this as well. Given that its more so affiliate links than anything else, it’s not always necessary to do.

Social Media Marketing Is a Necessity

Not everyone who wants to start a blog is interested in social media marketing. Personally, I believe the reason it’s so popular is due to the monetary potential that it has. For my own experience with blog I would like to refrain from using social media at the beginning and rather put my focus more towards SEO and quality content.

Overuse of pronouns

The excessive use of pronouns “you” “me” or “I”. If its a personal blog and the writer is speaking from a personal point of view then it’s completely understandable. But I’ve discovered while reading other people’s content that the excessive use of “you” when addressing their audience seems like a sale pitch. Earlier in this post I decided to minimize my use of pronouns to see how it may change the tone of this post.

Income Reports Prove It’s Possible To Make Money Blogging

Being the naive twenty-one year old three years ago I’ll admit I was strongly convinced through income reports. But now, I’m not interested in income reports as I am with how ‘authentic’ bloggers make themselves seem.

Do I trust that it is possible to make income from blogging. Absolutely. But the overwhelming methods and use of convincing potential newbie bloggers to purchase a course to help them is absolutely annoying.

More so than not these post and pins tend to circulate more around blogger groups than any and doesn’t garner any real traffic from outside sources. Even if they aren’t talking about making money while blogging. Pinterest is just a universal ad network.

Leaving Out Essential Detail.

Leaving out a essential detail when it comes to blogging. I’ve found that there is a lack of integrity among blogging. That others will normally say that they enjoyed the post but won’t actually go into real details about what makes the post so valuable. I’ll be honest I stopped commenting on other bloggers posts until I knew that could actually provide some kind of insight rather than “great post” Don’t be afraid to offend or be offended.

Don’t be afraid to challenge other people’s blogging style or methods.

“Hardwork” is not what got most of these bloggers their success. They just spew motivation nonsense because in all actuality they failed to document their progress. Working hard can create a burnout from the very beginning. Create better habits by being consistent in your approach everyday you should be practicing your craft. Rather it be for 5 minutes up to an hour. That decision is yours. But don’t stop with just being consistent. There are other traits to master along side. Such as focusing and time management. To give an example I’m still learning not to be a rambler and keep my points focused. It’s difficult at times.

The method that I use is the the timer but another way that I do it too is I sometimes allow my thoughts to ramble. ( Sometimes I’ve have so many thoughts that I have to cut it off. ) But I type it out and I don’t stop until I ran out of things to say. I go back and proofread what I’ve written to help clean it up a bit. This method has helped me as well. Given the importance of practicing a craft is to become a master at it.

Also, don’t bother trying to stay motivated if you lack discipline. I thought motivation was all I needed. It was actually discipline. Motivation gets you started but discipline keeps you going. I think one of the biggest reminders that I could offer anyone out there is that there is a difference between temporary defeat and failure.

Failure would’ve been at the point of me no longer considering blogging after my first failed attempt. But I kept giving it a chance which means that my failure was really temporary defeat. I hope to someone out there that means somethings.


This is my personal take on blogging. I guess in a way you could say that I was venting and also experimenting. But comment and tell me what are your thoughts on the conventional ways of blogging?

Experimenting With My Type 4 Hair.

The reason why I question whether or not Black African American hair really requires moisturizing has to do with my own experimentation. It’s one thing to have moisturized hair and another for hair to be in a state of poor health because of poor practices.

This is my own personal thoughts and opinions please don’t take anything personal just simply a means of observation.

Is The Problem Actually Dry Hair?

With the driest possible texture on my head, this April I set out to discover whether or not washing my hair everyday would actually dry out my hair as the so called ‘gurus’ claim.

After a couple of months of consistent washing and washing my hair more frequently than I not I took notice that the texture of my hair was much smoother, I was experiencing less breakage and shedding. During these months up until November I was utilizing protein and keratin based shampoos and conditioners regularly. I made sure to note the differences with the water temperatures as well. Hot water would help product penetrate my strands while cool water would help the products to wash out properly and prevent frizz.

To prevent any kind of bias behavior during this I would use shampoo and conditioner, leave-in at all times. I discovered that with washing my hair every day I was able to have cleaner hair which helped product to stay in my hair much more frequently and I also noticed different drying times depending on the leave-in that I was using that day.

Keratin Leave-ins helped my hair dry faster such as the It’s a 10 plus Keratin. Research shows that keratin actually helps the moisture/protein balance in the hair. Which I take helped my hair so much. I was left with silky feeling curls at time and I could help but put my hands in my hair every 5 minutes.

I didn’t realize that I had a problem with excessive frizz until I started using a smoothing shampoo and leave-in. It helped my hair to really maintain it’s softeness and remain hydrated throughout the day. For this I used the Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine. My absolute go to from now on along with the leave-in.

Even with some progress I was still noticing that I would wake up with dry hair once again the next day. The culprit? My scarf.

One day I decided to flip my scarf inside out taking note of the silkiness on the outside and the not so silky on the inside. It was a scarf made for my hair texture but it wasn’t necessarily helping my hair.

Result the next day?

My hair remained soft instead of dry. It’s amazing something as simple as a hair scarf could do that to me.

I also failed to take into consideration weather conditions and also the weight of hair products that I was using.

Even overly moisturizing products like Shea Moisture shampoo and conditioners were too much for my hair to handle at times. Using a lot of product on my hair was weighing down on the strands and causing breakage. I am still practicing to use dime size amount. I currently have a TWA so a lot of product isn’t necessary.

On top of that I wanted to discovered budget friendly shampoos and conditioners that help save some money. So I turned to brands like L’oreal and Garnier.

But with these brands I also noticed that sometimes it wasn’t leaving enough moisture in my hair. Not being a scientist but also being scientific I noticed that these brands have sodium chloride in the ingredients. (AKA salt). If I know anything about salt we know that is attracts water. Which in my own guess is probably why my hair sometimes wasn’t as hydrated as I wanted it to be. It’s more lenient towards oily hair rather than dry hair types.

So to combat this I used an Intensive Hydrating Mask Such as Shea Moisture’s Manuka Honey.

Deep Conditioning regularly has changed the game for me too. Instead of deep conditioning on a weekly basis I started out by deep conditioning almost every day. My hair has been in amazing shape ever since!

My absolute favorite! When I experienced a dry feeling on my scalp I normally just grease my scalp with some good ol faithful Blue Magic.

I’ve noticed that Blue Magic takes well to my hair too. Especially on days where I wash my hair. My hair tends to be much stronger and softer.

I also took note of the frequency. Skipping days on purpose to try and see the difference with my hair. Some days were better than others and I discovered that my hair now can go as long as every other day. Which is exciting.

Problem Areas That Are Difficult To Maintain

So even though I have a TWA there are still problem spots that I experience with my hair.

The sides right above the temple, is always dry no matter how much I do my best to maintain. It doesn’t hinder the growth or anything it’s just dry. I’m still trying to figure out what works and what does.

To prevent me from being a product junkie I just like to use up what I have right now before purchasing other products. 🙂

Anyways, I’m curious to know. Is there a hair care regimen that you follow that has always been considered “taboo”. If so I would love to hear about it!

Journal: Utilizing My Laptop/Desktop and Reducing My Iphone Usage.

Rising technology over the past year, phones have been taking the place for some in regards to a laptop and pc. With this I’ve noticed among my peers a decrease in the needs of laptops and more with Iphones and Samsung galaxy.

I’m not here to talk about other people but I’ve always been curious as to why some people don’t consider purchasing a laptop for the convenience of working more comfortably. (Before anyone says “Maybe they can’t afford it.” Most people can’t afford Iphones & they are priced almost the same as computers)

But even I found myself in that crowd at one point. I have two computers. Laptop and Desktop. Even an ipad with a bluetooth keyboard. Even I still choose to utilize my phone. Even at home! It didn’t make much sense to me.

To be authentically honest some of it was due to laziness. My laptop is a 17inch and it isn’t the lightest machine. Also, I was growing tired of the battery constantly draining on me while leaving it unplugged for a certain amount of time. (This may be due to the fact that I don’t necessarily shut it down and I leave it unplugged for about a week. )

I tend to abandon my laptop in places around the apartment for a long duration of time like the kitchen table or the living room. So I’d rather just save myself the fun of having to clean it up later I guess

Projects That I Will Start Working On That Involve My Computer

I am super excited to start learning code. I do plan on teaching myself as much as I can before attempting to find a Udemy course or searching Youtube University. As of right now I have books on HTML & CSS that I will start learning from.

I took an html class back in highschool so I already have a little bit of knowledge regarding webdesign.

For some reason I’m finding that learning Javascript is extremely difficult. It’s really hard to focus and understand it’s not similar to CSS or html. Instead Javascript is instructing the computer on what to do.

I picked up the book off amazon as it came in a dual pack along with CSS and html. I found a couple of tips that I should learn CSS after HTML to make it easier then just into Javascript.

This is important when it comes to wanting to design and create my own blog.

Working on a 3 year old on and off project of creating a blog. I have been doing my best to figure out what roads to take with blogging. After trying to just do it like the experts say. I had to stand back and kind of allow it to flow out of me. Again, learning to transition out of high phone usage into becoming a laptop fanatic.

I enjoy digital drawing. I bought my first drawing tablet last year and I love it! I have seen so much improvement in my drawing skills that I would really like to continue. I just struggle with discovering different methods with my art. I am guilty of never completing projects for some odd reason.

Don’t mind my excessive ramble just needed to get it out there. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

Journal: Learning Spanish By Listening to Spanish Conversations.

I am super excited to see how this will work out for me. I’ve been trying my hardest to learn Spanish for the past 5 years. On top one of my best friend’s mom only speaks spanish and I’ve known her since 16′. It’s been embarassing that I still don’t know much Spanish beside “Como estas?” which I always greet her with when I see her. It would be nice to actually have a conversation with her.

A couple months ago I thought about what could possibly happen if I listen to conversations in Spanish regularly. I thought about it and I wondered. How is it as babies we learn how to speak to our parents if we don’t really know what they’re saying? How are words formed for our understanding. Is it a complex understanding or just extremely simple.

Auditory learning.

I use to believe that people were born with different gifts of learning. Some can learn by watching, hearing, movement etc. While I am one to do the action in order to learn I would still like to train my ears to learn more efficiently. On top of me learning Spanish I do know some French that is extremely helpful because the translation is the same.

Instead of learning the basics of Spanish I just wanted to rush right into conversational Spanish.

  1. I want to get my brain to understand exactly how to slow down the conversation. I’ve noticed in my head it sounds like the words just run together because of how long a single word can sound. Just like in English. So I am trying to train my ears to hear the differences inbetween the words.
  2. The tone. I learned this in French that the tone matters and can help distinguish with what’s being said as far as a statement or question. (To be honest I still don’t understand the upside down question mark. But I haven’t made it that far yet. lol)

30 days Update

I will be back with a 30 day update on what I’ve noticed has changed and if I can tell a difference with what I’ve learned so far.

How do you learn a foreign language and what’s your strongest way of learning something new?

2022 Challenging Different Thought Processes

I had to think about writing this for awhile.

I’ve been reading Napoleon Hill’s “Outwitting The Devil” and I have been very intrigued by the dialogue in the book between the Devil and Napoleon Hill himself. The so called “other self”

Inner Dialogues and External Associations.

Reading more than ever before has helped me to observe the world differently. Most of my observations have come from what I’ve been witnessing on social media or just with personal interactions.

Here’s a couple of observations that I have made.

  • Generosity has become an overdue debt of equivalent exchange.

I’ve noticed that most people now have an over filling desire for others to be compassionate and kind to them. The problem that I keep witnessing is that most people find that doing the same amount of work for someone else that they’ve done for them is satisfactory.

I don’t necessarily care for this because it’s not being genuine to your own character. I’m not going to give you $5 for a meal. I’m going to buy your meal and then make sure from that point on make sure that you eat regularly. It’s not taking advantage of someone if it’s already a part of your character. But do not taint that character by creating malicious thoughts of scenario of the individual that is in need of assistance. Always remember you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink.

  • People are missing the point of personal growth.

Personal growth isn’t about cutting people out of your life just because they hurt you or made you feel bad. (If you disagree then this post isn’t for you.). The point of personal growth is to no longer allow the pain to affect you in a way that it could change your character. I use to always experience growing pains when I was younger. I use to cry because I couldn’t control the pain and later I found out it was because I was growing. I no longer experience the pain. I am one that believed that pain is important for any emotional, spiritual , or mental growth. Once the pain no longer affects me mentally or emotionally then I know that I can act according to my character.

  • The Illusions of Haters

I don’t know why people my age. (Millenial 96′) believe so deeply about having haters or people that would like to see them fail. If someone doesn’t like another person, mostly they just say words and leave it at that. But we’ve made it this whole processes to make sure others know what we’re doing, how and why. I mean in all honesty, it’s just drifting (IF you’ve read the book then you know what I’m talking about.) Creating distractions.

Relationships require a two person effort.

If you feel as though a person is not as authentic to you, its probably because you haven’t been truly authentic to them. One of the biggest traits that I see relationships missing is communication. Expressing our needs is important to one another is important. But also remember what you may bring to relationship can determine the dynamic. If you complain too much people may drift away from you. If you talk to little, you may become bored with people. It takes a lot of observing to notice these little personality quirks.

Again just a small ramble. What are your thoughts on personal growth? How do you see communication in your relationships?

The Parts of Life No One Ever Talks About

Sometimes I think people understand life as compassion, happiness and equality but what if there’s more to it than what you want out of it.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, is that if life gives you lemons and you wanted orange juice. Don’t accept the lemons and go look for the oranges.

You could also accept the lemons and say it’s not necessarily what I want at the moment but thank you for the offer.

Some will find this insulting and say “At least I gave you something.” While others may say “That’s fine. Okay”

We live in a reality where we think everyone is suppose to be like us because we’re right. When really we’re suppose to be ourselves and learn how to navigate the ups and downs of life constantly.

I don’t necessarily like the restrictions that can be brought on us sometimes. Where we should always “be grateful” or “appreciate what we have” because of the current situations of others. In all honesty, why would I compare myself in a way that could possibly make my situation better just because I don’t understand another person’s.

This whole scenario of appreciation only comes from the selfish desires of those who live in comfort because they’re too afraid to live like the person they compare themselves with regularly.

I don’t know who I’m writing this for. But if you want something so desperately don’t be afraid to chase after it. The only difference that could matter is whether you choose to walk or run. Most people prefer to run but miss all the valuable points of life. Choose to walk.

You don’t always have to see the flowers at the end of the rainbow. If you are too pessimistic it’s only because you can see through others foolery.

If you are too happy. You may be a little bit guillable and a tad bit ignorant. The difference between emotional and mental intelligence. Be careful on how to spend the two.

Sorry this is just a brain fart I had and wanted to let it out.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that focusing on positivity and kindness does not always bring the results that you want. There’s has to be an equal yolk of both.

Negativity can stop things but it’s not always the evil person in the end. Sometimes its the only thing to help us create the balanced life that we need to survive.

SpaceHey- A Revival of Myspace?

Yesterday while scrolling through Facebook I saw somebody had shared a screenshot of what I had thought to believe was Myspace. Instantly I was overwhelmed with the nostagic feeling of customizations, having hundreds of friends ( not really) and rushing home after school each day just to go on Myspace.

Spacehey brought back so many memories. Although I will admit that I might be a fool to believe that it could take the place of myspace. Proving itself as potentially a Myspace knock off I’ve found that I am able to already customize my profile with different layouts that the site provides.

When I created my first social media account. I didn’t really understand the jest of social media. I had watched so many shows that made me desperately want to be popular with everyone. 12 years later I learned popularity doesn’t come from how many people like me. It comes from how well I respected others and how comfortable I felt in my own skin.

I’ve made some strange decisions with social media.

I am hoping that if this is a legitimate social networking site. That it will most definitely make a comeback or even allow Myspace to revamp the old CSS and HTML style site.

Has anyone else checked out SpaceHey and if so what are your thoughts on it?

Garnier Fructis Morrocan Sleek and Shine Oil For Dry Hair

I’ve had my fair share of using different kinds of oils on my hair. From olive oil to coconut oil. Not actually knowing what the true purpose of these oils were meant to do. Naturalistas on youtube preached religiously about sealing ends and keeping moisture in the hair to help hair growth. On my hair I found this to be an extremely false statement. Until now and I will tell you why.

Dry Hair

I’m not going to bore you with a storie about my first hair journey. I’m just going to get to the point. This oil is great for dry hair especially when used in conjuction with other Garnier Sleek and Shine products.

If you are one to struggle with frizzy, dry hair this product line was made for you. I’ve noticed when using this line I get way more curl definition and a smooth sleek feeling in my hair. Mind you I do have some stubborn spots in my hair as well.

Note: It’s not meant to act as a sealing oil. This does not help to seal in moisture but to help maintain the ends of the hair. Argan oil is one of the main ingredients as well as sunflower oil being further down the list. One of the mistakes I was making was focusing more on the hair growth it’s self but not really trying my best to maintain the ends. So my hair was always suck at a certain length.

How To Use

Here’s How You Can Use The Oil As Directed On The Back:

  • After Shampooing and Conditioning use as a leave-in or add on top of you conditioner for more conditioning.
  • Use on wet or dry hair
  • Use after blow drying to tame frizz.

How I Use It

I apply to the ends of my hair after wetting it or washing it. Because of how dry my hair is I normally use a liberal amount. I’ve noticed added shine and smoothness to my strands all around. I didn’t read the back fully until now to realize that I could use it for added conditioning. So I would really like to give it a go and see how it works for that.

Would I Purchase Again?

Absolutely. Now that I know exactly how to use it and what its for. I can most definitely purchase again to help maintain the ends of my hair.

What are you thoughts on this product? Have you ever used this line before?

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