SpaceHey- A Revival of Myspace?

Yesterday while scrolling through Facebook I saw somebody had shared a screenshot of what I had thought to believe was Myspace. Instantly I was overwhelmed with the nostagic feeling of customizations, having hundreds of friends ( not really) and rushing home after school each day just to go on Myspace.

Spacehey brought back so many memories. Although I will admit that I might be a fool to believe that it could take the place of myspace. Proving itself as potentially a Myspace knock off I’ve found that I am able to already customize my profile with different layouts that the site provides.

When I created my first social media account. I didn’t really understand the jest of social media. I had watched so many shows that made me desperately want to be popular with everyone. 12 years later I learned popularity doesn’t come from how many people like me. It comes from how well I respected others and how comfortable I felt in my own skin.

I’ve made some strange decisions with social media.

I am hoping that if this is a legitimate social networking site. That it will most definitely make a comeback or even allow Myspace to revamp the old CSS and HTML style site.

Has anyone else checked out SpaceHey and if so what are your thoughts on it?

2 thoughts on “SpaceHey- A Revival of Myspace?

  1. I was in my early 20’s when MySpace came out… So, this is nostalgia! Though I don’t know how many of those early 20’s to about 40 now will be on it. I have to admit I made a page. We’ll see how long it lasts in my social media circle. 😂


    1. Wow! I was 13 when I first signed up for Myspace without my mom’s consent. Back when dial up was still a thing. lol I am really hoping that it comes back full throttle!

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